Bucket List

  1. Run 10 K in under 1hr (January 1, 2015)
  2. Run a 10K with my dad (January 1, 2015)
  3. Complete 500 burpees in one day (26Dec2015)
  4. Complete Spartan Sprint
  5. Complete Spartan Super
  6. Complete Spartan Beast 
  7. Complete Spartan Ultra Beast
  8. Complete Spartan Trifecta (Signed up for Season Pass 2016)
  9. Complete the Spear Throw
  10. Complete Funky Monkey
  11. Complete a Rope climb at an OCR
  12. Win my age category at an OCR
  13. Run an OCR with my daughter (Completed May 28, 2016)
  14. Run a half marathon
  15. Run a marathon
  16. Run 5k in under 25 minutes
  17. Run a 10k in under 55 minutes
  18. Run an Ultra trail race 50+ km
  19. Achieve a black belt in karate
  20. Achieve the rank of Sensei 
  21. Achieve a black belt in Jiu Jitsu
  22. Compete in a triathlon 
  23. Cover all of my expenses
  24. Fall in love again
  25. Go skydiving
  26. See the Great Wall of China
  27. Run the China Wall race
  28. See the Eiffel Tower
  29. Climb the stairs of the Eiffel Tower
  30. Climb the CN Tower stairs
  31. Qualify for OCR WC
  32. Sign up for WTM
  33. Complete 25 miles at WTM
  34. Complete 50 miles at WTM
  35. Go deep sea fishing
  36. Own a sailboat
  37. Build a small home
  38. Pay off a mortgage
  39. Visit Australia
  40. Visit New Zealand
  41. Visit the Galápagos Islands
  42. Spend the night in the Ice Hotel in Quebec 
  43. Take the train across Canada
  44. Cruise ship in Alaska
  45. Experience 24hrs of sunlight
  46. Experience 24hrs of night
  47. Buy a dress for Elara’s prom
  48. Attend Daughter’s graduation
  49. Help Daughter pick out a wedding dress
  50. Send Daughter to space camp in the US
  51. Get a passport for my daughter 
  52. Take my daughter to a tropical beach
  53. Hot Air balloon ride
  54. Pay it forward at the drive thru 
  55. Fill up the wall with pictures of friends and family
  56. Get rid of clothes I can’t or won’t wear
  57. Sell the wicker furniture 
  58. Add a second kitchen counter
  59. Replace the two toilets
  60. Write a blog (Started a blog page may 21-2016)
  61. Be in a podcast
  62. Make Crocembouche
  63. Make beouf bourgignon
  64. Host Christmas dinner
  65. Host Thanksgiving dinner
  66. Host Easter dinner
  67. Host a barbecue party
  68. Grow vegetables 
  69. Grow herbs (I’ve started this one…let’s see how these little seedlings survive…)
  70. Preserve food I grew in the garden
  71. Paint the kitchen 
  72. Add new hardware to kitchen cabinets
  73. Get a tattoo
  74. Sell my house
  75. Make a time capsule
  76. Fix the lights in the basement
  77. Decorate the outside for Christmas 
  78. Add thumbprints to the family tree
  79. Break a board with my hand
  80. Paint my bedroom
  81. Hang the curtains
  82. Fix and hang the sailing picture
  83. Learn a new card game
  84. Tile the kitchen backsplash
  85. Prepare freezer meals for a month
  86. Throw out all the old frozen foods
  87. Replace the carpet in the house
  88. Help someone with their bucket list item
  89. See a blue whale
  90. Take a rock climbing course
  91. Come in under budget for one month
  92. Finish Christmas shopping at least 1 week before Christmas 
  93. Paint a painting (completed-paint nite)
  94. Get my boating operator licence
  95. Get my radio licence
  96. Visit Germany
  97. Visit Iceland and swim in the hot springs
  98. Visit Switzerland 
  99. Visit Egypt
  100. Cross the equator in a boat
  101. Get an Around the World plane ticket
  102. Visit India 
  103. Deadlift more than 140 Lbs
  104. Bench press 140 Lbs
  105. Squat 140 Lbs
  106. Rent an igloo in Finland to sleep under the stars
  107. Swim with dolphins in Mauritius
  108. Visit Sistine chapel
  109. Read heroic books: Mahatma Ghandi, Shakespeare, Nelson Mandela, the Prophet, etc. 
  110. Help Others