OCR Review – Warrior Dash Ontario

First OCR (Obstacle Course Race) is officially done for this year. 

On Saturday May 28th, my daughter and I participated in the Warrior Dash at the Mohawk Raceway near Milton, Ontario.  This is first time I’ve done this course on flat terrain as the last two years involved going up and down a ski hill.  This is also the first year that my daughter was old enough to run the event with me.  Scratch one more item off my bucket list!

Getting to the venue was super easy as it was easily located right off the major highway (Highway 401).  Parking was not a problem and was located right at the venue.  The bonus, parking was free!!!  When we entered the grounds of the event, everything was set up in a well-organized fashion for registration and bag drop off.  Another bonus here again!  Free bag drop off!  The volunteers were very nice and helpful, especially given the unseasonably hot spring temperatures.  Once we were all sorted, we went over to that start area.  The start area was a little hidden, but we managed to find it okay.

The Race

The warm up and pre-race chat was pretty well done.  The host was a good guy and got things moving pretty quickly after doing the introductions to a few of the teams and getting us going with a group cheer competition yelling “WARRIOR”…”DASH”.  He mentioned a few areas on the course to be careful off so that we would be safe.  The countdown from ten…and then we were off.

The event involved quite a bit of running on mixed terrain as we went around the back lot areas of the raceway.  There were several water stations out on the course, which we were all very thankful for.  The first one came right after the second obstacle.  In past courses, there was only one water station, halfway through.  The event coordinators definitely took the hot conditions into account and increased the availability of water.  This was a really good move on their part!

The obstacles were pretty straight forward and were fun to go through.  It was really nice to see the slide into water as that was a new obstacle from past years.  My only wish would have been to have a water obstacle (there were two, plus two mud obstacles) earlier in the course.  That would have helped with the heat.  Yes, the heat was definitely an obstacle to overcome and manage during the event.  The majority of people we came across, including ourselves, were walking.  Unlike the course from past years, there was very little shade.  But all in all it was a great course.

Post Race

After finishing the race and getting our medals, we managed to find a post race photographer to get our muddy photo.  Then we headed back to the start line to give a few muddy hugs because they asked us to when we first headed out on course.  My daughter had a blast! After that we were able to clean up at the cleaning station.  Unlike past years where the fire department was hosing people off en masse, this year they had a cargo container with water that was pumped through hoses.  Although not as fun as getting sprayed, it definitely worked well to help get the mud off.  Then we grabbed our stuff, picked up our t-shirt and Viking hat and headed to the changing tents.

Once we were clean(er), relatively dry and sporting our Warrior Dash finisher t-shirts, we went in search of food.  The food tent had long lines unfortunately, but we managed to get our food and drinks before heading over to the beer tent so that I could claim my free beer.  For my daughter’s ticket, we found someone to give it to because I wasn’t going to use it and she certainly couldn’t.  It would have been nice if we could have redeemed her beer ticket for non-alcoholic drink equivalent.

We enjoyed our food and listened to the music from the DJ while watching all the muddy people roaming around.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time and if they weren’t doing so well, there was adequate medical assistance available. 

Things were well organized from my perspective, and I look forward to coming back next year!  My daughter had a great time as well and is looking forward to her next mud run / OCR!


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