Singing in the Car


I love to sing in the car.  Do you?  Maybe you should give it a try the next time you hop in the car…alone, with friends, or driving the kids to soccer practice.  Not only does it help to reduce my stress, it is a lot of fun.

I love to sing at the top of my lungs with the windows down while driving home at the end of the day.  I often kick it up a notch by dancing or drumming out the beat on my steering wheel.  Yup, I’m THAT person.   I get strange looks and amused little grins from people in cars next to me, but I no longer care what they think.  I’m having too much fun.  Some of the songs I love to sing to in the car are:

  • Faded – Alan Walker
  • Run Boy Run – Woodkid
  • Inner Ninja – Classified (feat. David Myles)
  • Don’t Kill the Magic – Magic!
  • Try Everything – Shakira
  • Sound of Your Heart – Shawn Hook
  • Renegades – X Embassadors
  • Epic – 4Count
  • Best Day of My Life – American Authors
  • Various 80’s and 90’s songs too.

My daughter loves singing in the car because it makes a long boring drive a lot more interesting and fun.  Some of the songs she likes to sing:

  • Bad Apple (English Version) – Wolhet
  • Echo (English Version) – Gumi
  • Animal I Have Become – Three Days Grace
  • I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead – Set it Off
  • Run Boy Run – Woodkid
  • Control – Halsey
  • Nightmare – Set it Off
  • Castle – Halsey
  • Commes des Enfants – Coeur de Pirate
  • The Pheonix – Fallout Boy (even though she can’t hit all the notes)
  • Inner Ninja – Classified (feat. David Myles)

Thankfully, we share some of the same taste in music and she is equally happy to sing out in the car with me.  I cherish these moments!!  Especially when I can drive her nuts by switching up the lyrics to say something funny.  A parent’s job is never done.


I highly recommend this to any parent out there as a great way to have fun with your kids.


4 thoughts on “Singing in the Car

  1. The car is the place where I do most of my singing practice When I’m on my own I know that my singing isn’t annoying to anyone and I can just belt out the tunes! I totally agree that alone or with others, the car is a great place for singing!

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