OMG! I Started a Blog

Scratch one item off my bucket list!

I recently finished reading “Poles Apart” by Terry Fallis. The main character in the story decided to start a blog to anonymously share their thoughts and views on the feminist movement. A lot of things happen in this person’s life in a very short period of time after hitting “publish” on the first few blog posts he created. While, I don’t anticipate that sort of meteoric rise in popularity, I simply want to have the opportunity to share my thoughts on things that interest me. Plus, it was something I had on my bucket list. When this goes live, I can scratch that item off the list and work on the rest!

What the reader can expect. To be honest, things are likely to be pretty random. After deciding that I wanted to jump in with both feet and start a blog, I’ve been writing down a list of topics and ideas for blog posts. It may be that over time I will develop a style or a theme to my posts, or I may not. I’m pretty consistent at being inconsistent, so this could be a rather interesting journey for all of us.

Right now I have a loose plan to share personal tips, give reviews on some things (apps, products, restaurants, etc.) or just simply share random thoughts as things pop up in my daily life. Assuming that people, other than my immediate family (thanks mom and dad!!!) and my close friends read this blog, I will welcome suggestions on topics you would like me to share my thoughts on. I do recognize that I am one of thousands of people with a blog, so hopefully you will find some of the things I share, interesting, informative and perhaps a little funny.

Why “Seastar Wishes”…

Years ago, I was a fishery observer on commercial fishing boats in Alaska. On the longlining vessels, the gear would sometimes bring up various types of seastars from the depths of the Bering Sea. I loved seeing them. Of course they needed to be returned back to the ocean, which we did. One night (although, it could have been early morning, or late afternoon due to the long dark of Alaska in January), I made a wish when one of the crew gently tossed one back into the water. From that point on, I thought of them as my little shooting stars that I could make wishes on. It was something that helped cheer up the long days of being wet and cold on the rolling ocean. I eventually shared this idea with a couple of the crew, so together, we would pass the time, making seastar wishes whenever we had to return these little stars to the sea. This memory has stayed with me as something I cherish and is really close to how my brother pronounces “sister”. Plus, a few pretty amazing things in my life came from those seastar wishes.

Thank you for taking the time to pop in and spend a little time with me.

Thank you to my daughter, the creative one, for creating some of the images you will find on my blog. The new header image which should go live, the same day as this first post was created by my amazing daughter. It makes perfect sense, because she was one of the Seastar Wishes that came true.


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